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Cool Projects to Try at Home

With stuff you find around the house, you can do some cool science experiments and even make new toys! Just print out the instructions and find a grown-up to help.

Wind sock

Ribbon Wind Sock

Decorate the outside of your home with a wonderful windsock! Pick your favorite colors and decorate as desired.

Ribbon wind sock instruction sheet


Solar Oven

Solar oven

By providing heat, the sun can help us save fuel. Solar ovens have been around since the 1830s, when astronomer John Herschel used one to cook food during an African expedition.

Solar oven instruction sheet


Wind Turbine

Wind turbine

Turbines are often used to produce electricity. With this project, you'll rediscover Sir Isaac Newton's principle: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Wind turbine instruction sheet




Wind is used to generate electricity. Wind turbines, which change the wind into electricity, need an average wind speed of about 14 miles per hour to generate electricity. An anemometer tells how fast the wind is blowing.

Anemometer instruction sheet




Pinwheels are like wind turbines - they need wind to move. Here's how to make your own.

Pinwheel instruction sheet


Solar Smores

Solar Smores

Make these yummy treats using the power of the sun instead of a campfire.

Solar Smores instruction sheet