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Top 10 Rules for Natural Gas Safety

To play it safe around your home, just remember these top ten rules for using natural gas the right way.

1. Remember that a natural gas leak smells like rotten eggs.

If a really bad smell happens all of a sudden, get out of the house right away and find a grown-up.

2. Ask your mom or dad to install a carbon monoxide detector.

It works like a smoke detector to keep your family safe.

3. Don't hang on pipes in the basement or jump on the meter outside.

The pipes might come loose, letting the gas escape. And remind grown-ups to keep the outside meter clear in case of an emergency.


4. Help the grown-ups in your house keep little kids away from gas appliances.

You can help them put safety covers on the knobs.


5. Be very careful using a gas stove.

Roll up your sleeves, keep towels and hot pads away from the flame, and make sure a grown-up is around to help.

6. Remind grown-ups to call before they dig.

If you’re helping someone dig a hole, it’s very important to have underground utility lines marked before you start.


7. DON'T ever try to use a gas appliance to keep warm.

Using a gas appliance the wrong way can cause deadly carbon monoxide. If the power goes out, bundle up in layers of clothes instead.


8. DON'T pile up boxes, paints or anything else around a gas appliance.

Boxes, paint and other chemicals are a fire hazard, and appliances need oxygen to run properly, just like people need air to breathe.

9. DON'T pick up or move the underground markers.

They are put there by professionals so your parents and/or contractors know where they can and can't dig.

10. DON'T play around or try to move a gas appliance.

The piping or connector that feeds gas to the appliance might get damaged or come loose.

Test your safety smarts

Now that you've read the natural gas rules, test your smarts by going through the natural gas safety house.


Fun stuff to print:

Energy Safety Survey [PDF]

Alliant Energy Kids activity book [PDF]