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Play it safe around your home, just remember the rules for using electricity the right way.

Fun Facts

Every time you open the refrigerator door, up to 30 percent of the cold air can escape.

Teachers & Parents
Brand new lesson plans have been added for 4th and 5th grade students that highlight energy conservation, energy efficiency and energy safety.

The Energy ZoneCan a fully charged phone draw power from an outlet?

What uses more hot water: a shower or a bath?

How does electricity get to your home?

Kids are full of questions about energy and Alliant Energy Kids is here with answers. The Energy Zone teaches students how energy works, where it comes from, how to conserve it and how to stay safe around it. The lessons also help kids make meaningful connections between the activities they do every day, the energy they use and how it impacts their world.

Each Energy Zone kit includes:

  • Thirty activity books – a colorful twelve-page educational resource about renewable and nonrenewable energy resources, sustainability, the future of energy and energy safety tips.
  • Three classroom posters – teaches energy-efficiency and safety habits right where they happen – at the light switch, sink or electrical outlets.
  • Four quizzes – each quiz entertains, while making the energy information memorable.
  • Two teacher’s lesson plans – organized guides to prepare teachers for classroom instruction. 

Teachers can order their free Energy Zone kits during September from this web site. At any time of the year, teachers, parents and kids can check out our lesson plans, interactive games and information on energy safety, energy basics and renewable energy. We’re here to help make learning about energy fun and interactive.